Friday, September 28, 2007

Sole What event update

WOOOT! The time has arrived guys....

Just a few updates about tmrw:

Normal Business hours are from 10.00am till 3pm. Anyone wish to buy our line of products pls come within that time.

We will close our doors at 3.00pm to setup for the sneaker preview exhibition and sound check by our guest DJ Hans DC.

At 6.00pm our door will reopen to:
1) Preview of Sneakers
2) Launch of Sneaker Freaker #10
3) Sale of Opening tees
4) Light food and beverages will be served
5) Door gifts will be given out

Due to the strict regulations by the Mid Valley Garden Management:
1) Pls do not consume alcohol out of the premise
2) If under 18 please do not consume alcohol
3) Pls do not crowd around the area as they do not want the walkway to be clogged
4) Pls be patient with us as we will try our utter best to satisfy all yr requests.
5) Lucky draw will be conducted by witnesses and posted on and also; so u may collect the free kicks at your convenience.

Sorry, it's a pain i know, but what to do, we are in a shopping mall and thus have to abide by their rules & regulations.

All your kind understanding is greatly appreciated.