Tuesday, September 18, 2007

aNYthing in da house

Mr. Aaron Bondaroff, who is better known as A-Ron and is also referred to by the cloying moniker A-Ron the Downtown Don, is the first to admit that he is no designer.

“I can’t cut or sew, and I have no interest in fashion, only the culture around it,” he said last week. “I am the last person to dictate what people should be wearing.”

Yet when A-Ron sneezes, the diaspora of downtown hipsters, and the companies aiming to court them, have a habit of catching cold. Formerly the face and creative powerhouse behind Supreme, the pretentiously exclusive but influential skater label and store, A-Ron is still the cap-wearing Pied Piper of underground cool, this time as the owner of aNYthing (pronounced “a New York thing”), one of the most interesting recent additions to the city’s retail arena.

We are proud to be representing aNYthing in Malaysia. Look out for the new Fall '07 designs coming soon to Sole What?