Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shuttlemax by Bill McMullen

In 1999 SWISHNYC had a bestselling t-shirt: the "ShuttleMax" by Bill McMullen, a co-owner and the main designer of the store. As in so much of his art, McMullen had combined two aspects of popular culture for this: the space shuttle and his favorite running shoe.

Seven years later, the newest version of the ShuttleMax is being released. This time it's a limited edition vinyl 3D toy from Kidrobot, which comes in three different colors: lime, red and yellow. Basically, it looks as if the people at NASA were sneaker freaks and turned the space shuttle into a fine running shoe. Note the attention to detail, the bottom has a really great thread design.

What shoe u ask?.....see for yourself :)

This vinyl will be displayed at Sole What?.....soon