Thursday, January 31, 2008

HITZ.TV featuring Sole What?

After graciously covering our Opening Event in September '07, the crew from HITZ.TV (Channel 705) are back to Sole What? again to film a segment that features sneaker & street culture to all the viewers of National Cable TV Network, Astro.

It's always fun to have the crew back coz they truly are a bunch of passionate guys!!

The host of the show, Altimet appearing cheerful today. Great to see u again man. Btw if u notice the pair he's rocking, it's actually a customized pair of AF-1s by our peep, En Sudu. :)

A surprise mini-interview in session

The Dunk Hi Destroyer getting some attention and air time!

Havin' a moment at the Column during the walk thru.

Our very own Fai appearing too...

Sneaker Freaker #11 up for grabs on the programme!!

Here he models some tees that he's really feelin'...

aNYthing Chaplin tee

KiksTyo Hammer tee


Thanks again for featuring us, we really appreciate it. See ya all again over a few drinks next time!! Cheers

Puma XR Runner

The XR Runner is one of the more unique Puma running offerings. This particular XR Runner model under the pretense of a Jurassic theme features a texturized reptile-esque upper in either blue or red.

In-store now!

Puma Basket 68 Print

This pack looks like it somehow belongs to the recent MTV series but you would be mistaken.... the graphic is actually inspired by comic book illustrations from the early ‘70s. It's bright, it's crazy and the execution of the concept with the poppin' colours and gloss pick ups is very well done indeed.

In-store now!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sneaker Freaker

The great guys over at Snkr Frkr HQ had a lot of opportunities to actually work with any sneaker company they want on a collaboration. Being the guys that they are, they actually chose a little known model in the sneaker circle, the Lacoste Missouri 85. Being true to themselves and just doing something which they really like; they have achieved their goal on a collab that launched the pair into the global scene.

It was a great success and have spawned a hunger among sneaker heads worldwide who wondered what their next collab will be!

Moving forward to 2008, they have finally released pictures of their chosen pair which they have laid their magical hands on.....The Puma Blaze of Glory!!*

We are waiting!!! with great anticipation..

*Further details of the pair is available in Sneaker Freaker #11

Monday, January 28, 2008

Nike Air Max Light

Latest to arrive at Sole What? is this no frills and back to basics pair of Air Max Light. The colorway is subtle and reminiscent of the OG Air Max 1 that was introduced back in 1987!

This pair is available now in Sole What? and also at selected Nike Stores.

For those that missed out on the OG Air Max 1, u may now have a second chance in getting a similar colorway.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Untitled by Skinner

Our very own Skinner did a special be@rbrick for us. This is part of the special project for Sole What? Let me tell ya this boy's got skills. He upped the level again this time with a super neat custom and not to mention subtle details that must be seen to be truly appreciated.

Skull camo print....

The lines are so darn neat, it can pass off as a production piece.

The textures are great stuff.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

All in the family

Streething presents


16th February 2008 @ Zouk KL

You'd be a fool to miss it! Hit up Streething on updates!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Royalefam x Be@rbrick

It appears that an official Royalefam x Be@rbrick is gonna be released soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Special Edition Nike (Jan '08)

January sees the timely arrival of two special edition Nike kicks @ Sole What?

The first is the Chinese Zodiac related products prior to Chinese New Year for the growing Chinese market globally. This year marks the Year of the Rat and Nike has chosen the Wildwood 90 Free Trail Premium as the core shoes in celebrating this Chinese Zodiac Year. This Hybrid fuses the Wildwood, Air Max 90 and the Free Trail.

Laser etched "RAT" on the upper

Neat detail of the white rat among the black ones on the insole.

The 2nd pair is to emphasize that 2008 is an important year for Beijing because Olympic will begin this Summer. And it seems Nike is starting to promote some Chinese cultures like “China/Chinese Rock Festival” as a kick off.

"An important step in the development of Chinese rock music had been the Beijing Midi School of Music in Beijing. Established 1993 by Zhang Fan, it was the first school in China offering classes for jazz music and rock music. Started as a school festival in 1999, the Midi Modern Music Festival advanced to the largest rock music festival in China with up to 80000 visitors and over 100 bands. Both the school and the festival supported the underground scene in China and opened the door for over 18 foreign bands in 2006 to perform at the festival and throughout the country."

Both pairs are now available in-store.

Onitsuka Tiger (Jan '08)

Mexico 66

Fencing LA



Latest Onitsuka Tiger arrivals for January. In-store now!

Sneaker Pimps Asia Tour 2007 Booklet

K-Swiss is a leading brand with a strong performance heritage spanning over four decades. In 2007 K-Swiss was the official footwear sponsor for Sneaker Pimps World Tour.

Having toured their Asia route which consisted of Shanghai, Manila, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok and Taipei with big names like Futura, Dave White, SBTG, Meth and many others, they have compiled all the events’ photos into a booklet to commemorate their 2007 Asia tour.

Head over to Sole What? and check out the great book for yourselves with many thanks to K-Swiss Asia Pacific. Find out how u can get a copy absolutely free!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

NB576 @ Sole What (Jan 08)

Fresh @ Sole What? are two pairs of NB576s that combine tartan and suede leather. Gold and silver accents are a nice touch to finish off the pairs.

Check them out in-store now!