Monday, September 10, 2007

shoes shoes shoes

Some people ask me, how many pairs of shoes do u have in yr own collection?

My reply will be "It's always almost enough!".

Why almost? .....well, u reach a point where u tell yourself, heck this will be the point where I shall stop n not add another pair to the already growing mountain of shoes. Then comes this really nice color-way or super nice mixture of materials or a retro or a collab that u know u just must have! Buy now n no regrets later, so to speak.

That's the reason it's always almost enough.

Buy what u like n not what u want others to like for u. That way u have no-one to blame for your sole obsession.

Which comes to this ultimate conclusion....will I ever stop? HELL NO! ha ha ha

Anyway, check out this video entitled "Sole Obsession" which was brought to my attention as I was reading Eugene's site of the same name.