Monday, February 26, 2007

Kzzit n Worm dropped by today to get some shopping done...

Then we had yum cha


The Original Six Figures from Nike x Medicom. They gonna be displayed at the store for all to see. Props to NIKE MALAYSIA

Monday, February 19, 2007


May the New Year bring lots of Joy, Wealth, Happiness, and Great Health to all of you!!

The Norm for everyone celebrating the CNY.....Mandarin Oranges

Little decors to dress up the tree(in this case a flower), much like the way a Christmas tree is decorated.

New year visiting rockin' em Alohas!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Singapore ...oh....Singapore

It's Friday n it's off to Singapore for the weekend....

Upon arrival.......

Pick up....

Drop off....

LUX oooooohhhhhh LUX!!!!!!!!!

We were later chauffered to the AF-1 PARTY!!...

The Venue....Clarke Quay

The Original six being showcased

The "rare" room

The S'porean peeps checking out the kicks

The sales door....


Bye Bye Singapore....Thanks so much for the hospitality NIKE!!!! You guys are the BEST!!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

There's something about Chicks with kicks that stirs one's soul.....

Check out more skins with nice kicks at

Mucking about with the Kaws x AJIII....

Quite a combo if I may say so myself :)

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Aston Martin now part of LVMH

Speculations abound and for months there were plenty of urban legends. However, it is finally a signed, sealed and delivered coup!!!

LVMH, the giant conglomerate which holds the world at it's mercy with top luxury brands and products ranging from wines and spirits to selective retailing have joined the automobile industry. So be on the look-out for some super specced Aston Martins speckled with touches of Louis Vuitton and even some influences of Designer Extraordinaire, Marc Jacobs. Mr 0-0-7 will never appear the same again!!!
Some frens recently got their foot fetishes exposed in JUICE magazine....

Nelson a.k.a. Natural Worm a.k.a Gaylord a.k.a. Godjilat a.ka. many more :) This guys eats, sleeps n shits sneakers!!! True joy to have him around........sometimes

Choobs a.k.a. Kzzit - Sneaker LORD n founder of Streething. Recently promoted to Superstardom :)

Kevin a.k.a. KGPY - Sneaker head presently in London London London....

Point Blanc - Hip-Hop Rap artiste with new album and a fantastic new song entitled "Ipoh Mali"

DJ NESH- Resident DJ at Laundry Bar, great dude with a great panache for Hip-Hop music

A bit of window shopping today n this caught my eye...aiksss....have to cop it coz,

This crazy mad vinyl from Medicom really does sum up my mentality for the day!!!

Monday, February 5, 2007

It's one of those days....

Heavyweight Drops for the week!!! Thompson n Natt AIR FORCE 1s!!! WOOOT!

Ain't these cute?!!? Love them....AJIII for toddlers...gooo.gooo...gaaa.gaaa

The Soleciety book - Thanks to WORM for dropping it to me today

Some of the stuff inside:

Undftd, Eddie Cruz certainly toned down for these babies- Less = More!!!

HTMS, Nice......

STASH AM-95s!!!!!!! My fave...

A truly well planned book with great pics of some of the RAREST and DOPEST kicks in the world from who else? NIKE of coz n thank u very much!