Monday, May 26, 2008

Crazy Markdowns

Sole What? is doing a CRAZY markdown on most of our products with CRAZY discounts on past season products.

The list is too long, so do drop by n check them out yourselves!!!

Bring along a friend too

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Air Rejuven8

Very few new sneakers do excite us nowadays. This one does, why?

Straight out the Innovation Kitchen - Nike’s development lab for unconventional ideas - is the Air Rejuven8; a shoe that is specifically engineered to help tired feet recuperate in anticipation for the next bout of activity - perfect for athletes/those with active lifestyles to wear in-between sports.

This special pack is called 5 Rings, and it is specially made for the coming Olympic winners who are sponsored by NIKE to wear up to the podium for their medal award ceremony.

The inner "sock" is removable n u can wear it much like Nike's Aqua-sock. Each pair comes with a spare inner in black. Boy, that's like 3 pairs for the price of one!!!

Available now at Nike Performance KLCC & Mid Valley. Check them out, we did!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Raleigh TI Tour De France Special

The Raleigh TI Tour De France is one of the bikes from a great pedigree. The TI-Raleigh is a Dutch Professional road bicycle racing team that existed between 1974 and 1983.

The team was very successful, both in classics and in stage races; winning races in it's era up till the team's split up in 1983.

A complete write-up is available here.

Special thanks to Mr Ng Joo Ngan ('70 Asian Champion and Malaysia National Velodrome Cycling team coach) for letting us have this frame.

Reynolds 531 tubing - legendary!!

Campagnolo ends

The bike is now on display at Sole What?

Top pic: Velospace

Monday, May 19, 2008


Thank you once again for all those that made their way on a public holiday to Sole What?, for the launch of the NB576: Heaven & Hell pack. Your continuous support mean a lot to us. This pack is indeed very special to us and we wish all of you will wear the pair with much love.

Kudos to all the great people at NEW BALANCE and LEFTFOOT for the special allocation to all the sneaker lovers in Malaysia.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fixed Theraphy

It was a great nite of riding the other nite. Damansara Perdana has it all; street riding, hill slopes, "obstacle course" & car park skidding in one place. The gathering brought 9 riders who are from different backgrounds together in unity for a simple common objective; to enjoy the freedom of riding & sharing the passion for the sport.

The riders have grown steadily n we hope to see more who will join us in the next session/s.

Below are some pics of cool rides that we have found while bike hunting in KL:

Concorde, Daccordi & Pinarello (front to back)

Team Raleigh - vintage track frame


Italian goodies still in the box

DL's latest project

Sky's new love


Saturday, May 17, 2008

NB576: Heaven & Hell

The highly anticipated NB576: Heaven & Hell pack have finally reached our shores. The kicks are part of New Balance’s 20th anniversary celebrations for the 576 model and are Leftfoot’s first ever collaboration shoes. So who better to hit up for design duty than two of the world’s most acclaimed sneaker customizers – SBTG and Methamphibian.

The pack will be Exclusively launched at Sole What? on:

Date: Monday, 19th May 2008
Time: 12.00 Noon

Five Heaven Six

Five Seven 666

NB MT580 - Black or White

This Special NB MT580 pack comes in black or white, as u can see from the details on the back heel they are very much influenced by the comic SPY vs SPY with the dynamite & bomb. A cool pack indeed and they are now available in-store.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Puma: Poison-Dart Frog Clydes II

The 2nd part of the highly detailed and meaningful Poison-Dart Frog Clydes have reached our shores. This time the pack comes in two cool colorways - Green Frog and White Frog. They are EXCLUSIVE to Sole What? So do drop by n check them out for yourselves.

Available in-store now!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Nike Tennis Classic V Premium

Here we have the latest Quickstrike pack from Nike for the month. It's the Tennis Classic Premium with the convenience of the velcro strap. Looks like a timeless classic from any angle. The pack comes in three colorways:

Classic Black

Sparkling White

Cool Grey

Available in-store now!!!


The Sole What? crew have been smitten by the Fixed Gear bug & a few "loose nuts" in the crew have already embarked on a 2nd project...

Jeff's De Rosa with Colnago fork conversion

Kepong Fixie Icon's Eddy Mercx

Ed's Colnago Pista

The bikes are all still works in progress and the other part of the fun in this sport/hobby is the process of putting the bike/s together in their respective individualistic taste/s.