Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione

Ever come across a red stallion? No? Then let me present to you the latest FXX Evoluzione from Ferrari. The Italian auto brand has unveiled its stunning FXX Evoluzione, which is basically the "further evolution of the FXX program that places 'client test drivers' behind the wheel of developmental test beds to try out new equipment for Ferrari." Schumacher himself has unveiedl the car, having sporadically participated in the program over the past two years. Taking its first steps at Ferrari World Finals at Italy's Mugello racetrack, a V12 engine raised its output to 860 HP and 9,500 rpm. Plus the shift times are down to a lightning-fast 60 milliseconds. A real beast in disguise!

Pic & Info: Newlaunches

Sharpen yr pencil by poking her eye!

Check out this gruesome pencil sharpener designed by artist Matthew James Taylor. This guys knows his pencils. This design is revealed in a post on his site where he describes the art of pencil sharpening.

Though, this “Living Dead Dolls” Sadie Pencil Sharpener seems to be his favorite tool of the trade. Why it’s is favorite is questionable. Does it do a great sharpening job or does it just look cool as hell? Either way, the depth this guy goes on pencil sharpening is almost too nerdy to believe or Halloween is just around the corner n this sort of thing just seem suddenly appealing!!??

Razk X Motor - KL special launch!

The great guys from Holland are in town and they have made 100 pieces of special limited edition tees featuring Dutch streetwear leader Razk x Motor especially for Kuala Lumpur.

Each piece is individually hand printed n numbered. They will be available exclusively at Sole What? on Halloween day!

Kudos for putting KL, Malaysia in the map guys!

100% made in Amsterdam
100% cotton
100% cool factor

It comes in a very nice brown bag with individual serial numbers and sizes

So happy to have u guys over n spending so much time with us on the set-up and the hours of chitter chatter over the whole movement over there in Amsterdam! Great time fellas!

The set-up is ready n do drop by to see the special customized helmet and boots!

The crack will drop tmrw!

The crew is all smiles and ready for the drop tmrw!

Re-laced my pair! RACUN!

Monday, October 29, 2007

What the kiks?

A super limited tee from KiksTyo is coming soon!

New Onitsuka models for Oct/Nov

Available in-store now!

Picture Disc

Kanye West "Stronger" 12' Single - Picture Disc by Murakami! (NICE)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Huf Air Max 90 launch

The time has come for the Exclusive Launch of the much anticipated Air Max 90 HUF!
It will be designated to be dropped on Halloween day (31.10.07) at 6.00pm!

In gratitude to all our regulars who have supported our store since we opened, we will be giving away free Special Edition SOLE WHAT? tees to the first 20 customers on that day that cop the Air Max 90 Huf.

We understand the importance of matching the solid pair of kicks, so we designed the tee with all of u in our minds. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

FPM Be@arbrick 400%

Tomoyuki Tanaka AKA Fantastic Plastic Machine [ Blog | Web ] is going to release his 2nd Be@rbrick with Medicom Toy. Tomoyuki Tanaka is updating his Be@rbrick with new clothing and this time it will be a 400%.

Pic & info: Toybeast

Nike can't make apparel?

Contrary to common belief that Nike can't make apparel that is appealing enough for streetwear peeps....well, i beg to differ. This mega sportswear giant has taken careful steps and measures to ensure that peeps of all levels will get satisfaction from putting on a Nike sweater, jacket or tee....

Here's just 2 snapshots of the design elements that have been carefully implemented into the Nike Tech Pack.

The hoody features cotton jersey face bonded to a thermal windproof fleeceback providing warmth, comfort and wind protection. Laser cut and bonded reinforcements underarm adds to durability.

Check out the purple pinstrip and the zip construction. Execution 10/10

Nike Pocket Tee - Constructed with the combination of cotton x Nike poly dri-fit material. The laser cut pocket and bonded with laser cut film reinforcements adds durability. Execution 9.5/10

For more on the TECH pack or other new cool apparel do check out NIKE.

All pics from Nike Inc.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The crack is back!


Cute rabbit?

One quick look and you would easily think that the Nabaztag bunny as another cute ornament or paper weight or just another cute japanese toy. That's exactly what I thought at first....however, after dwelling further n noticing the word "WiFi" ...it got me gobsmacked!

It happens to be a freakin' cutting-edge-piece of technology! Guess cute n smart can get along after all...

"Before you know it you'll be relying on the Nabaztag to tell you the time, wake you up, read the news and give you weather forecasts. " - News of the World The Nabaztag connects to your WiFi router, and reads you all the latest information, from it's mood, to the weather forecast, stock market, email alerts and even your favorite RSS feeds!"

Check out HERE for more info.

Kaws x Neighborhood

Neighborhood's mascot, Zooth has been given the Halloween twist by Kaws. Looks set to hit Neighborhood and Original Fake stores this Saturday.

Pics: Kaws blog on Honeyee

Monday, October 22, 2007

I miss Japan..

Supreme Public Announcement

Your neighbors must love u guys! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Air Max 90 - HUF

This pair needs no further explanation....it's HUF-QUAKE in the form of an Air Max 90!

Pic: KixFiles

ZOO 'O' LUX by Puma

The ZOO’O’LUX pack by PUMA uses the highest quality fabrics in specially seleceted textures and palettes inspired by Mother Nature. The classic silhouette of the CLYDE and RS100 have been combined with the appearances of 3 exotic animals: Ostrich, Crocodile and Snake.




Pics from Size?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

AF-1 So Cal

Fresh off the Nike warehouse is this super sweet AF-1 Premium (So Cal)

Check out the neat details all over the shoe. The mid-sole color n the pink lower-sole is a solid combo reminiscent of the Ueno!

Tried it on and must say it looks alrite!! :)

Available this Saturday at Sole What?

Recommended for all ages...

While we very busy with the daily orders of the store the other day, a really cute little girl truly stopped us on our tracks! She was so mesmerized by our store, her mum had to yank her away :)

Once she broke free, she came back again. Must be the cutest visitor we had at Sole What? to date. She was sooooo cute we were just taken by her n her balloon doggy!

Here's a baby of another kind, try yanking Nelson's baby off his hands!! Ha Ha!!

$ign of times