Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lacoste Stealth Collection (May '11)

The latest Lacoste Stealth collection have arrived.

Exclusively available now @ Sole What stores.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Stick 'em

Get your Original Sole What stickers with every purchase at Sole What stores.

The sticker is a mark and symbol that your purchase is of authentic origin.

Let's say it's our very own stamp of approval.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stussy x Marvel : Special Edition Artist Series

Thing Tee (Black)

Thing Tee (White)

Incredible Hulk Tee (Black)

Incredible Hulk Tee (White)

Eternity Tee (Black)

Eternity Tee (White)

Spider Man Tee (Black)

Spider Man Tee (White)

The Stussy x Marvel Series 2 Special Edition Artist Series features original work by a team of international artists, invited to interpret their favorite Marvel characters in their signature styles. The artists and characters include James Jarvis (Thing), David Shrigley (Incredible Hulk), Will Sweeney (Eternity) and Mr. Cartoon (Spiderman).

The Stussy x Marvel Series 2 Tees (Special Edition Artist Series) are available now @ Juice KL.

Stussy x Marvel Comics

Wolverine Tee (White)

Wolverine Tee (Black)

Punisher Tee (White)

Punisher Tee (Black)

Ghost Rider Tee (White)

Ghost Rider Tee (Black)

Captain America Tee (White)

Captain America Tee (Grey)

Captain America Tee (Black)

World Tour Tee (White)
World Tour Tee (Grey)
World Tour Tee (Black)
SS Link Tee (Grey)
SS Link Tee (Black)
SS Link Tee (White)

The world’s greatest collaboration!
The ultimate team up of epic proportions!!
The team up of all team ups!!!
A project so vast, it took two series to contain it!!!!

Stussy and Marvel Comics present a project featuring characters from the Marvel Universe that are transported into the Stussy world.

Get some now @ Juice KL.

Stussy X Fragment Design "One Love"

A special collaboration in support of Japan after the recent earthquake.

Two legends in their own right/s, Stussy and Fragment Design that needs no further introductions.

Get yours now @ Juice KL.

NBHD Latest Arrivals (May '11)







Belt Drive/CU-Cap



Original Fake X NBHD Tees

The latest arrivals from NBHD are here.

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