Thursday, January 31, 2008

HITZ.TV featuring Sole What?

After graciously covering our Opening Event in September '07, the crew from HITZ.TV (Channel 705) are back to Sole What? again to film a segment that features sneaker & street culture to all the viewers of National Cable TV Network, Astro.

It's always fun to have the crew back coz they truly are a bunch of passionate guys!!

The host of the show, Altimet appearing cheerful today. Great to see u again man. Btw if u notice the pair he's rocking, it's actually a customized pair of AF-1s by our peep, En Sudu. :)

A surprise mini-interview in session

The Dunk Hi Destroyer getting some attention and air time!

Havin' a moment at the Column during the walk thru.

Our very own Fai appearing too...

Sneaker Freaker #11 up for grabs on the programme!!

Here he models some tees that he's really feelin'...

aNYthing Chaplin tee

KiksTyo Hammer tee


Thanks again for featuring us, we really appreciate it. See ya all again over a few drinks next time!! Cheers