Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eisako Kito - Diva Sculpture

'White Dunk: Evolution of an Icon', a Palais de Tokyo hosted an exhibition of specially commissioned work by 25 Japanese artists, launched during the Paris Fashion Week. The artists include animators, illustrators, toy-makers, graphic designers, model-makers, and comic writers. Each were given the brief to respond to a fashion classic, the Nike 'Dunk' basketball trainer (in white).

Eisaku Kito is a renowned model-maker, creating figurative art for movies such as 'Zeiram'. He has collaborated with Takashi Murakami on a figure project. His response also highlights an angelic quality, inspired by the purity of whiteness. (That explains why it's my favourite of all the pieces)

His inspiration for the Diva Sculpture:
"I got the idea of an angel from the white shoes and the color white. It's not the kind of angel people imagine. It's a mysterious being created by people - similar to a UFO. Sound is the hidden concept, or maybe, the result of my personal desire to want to hear sound. But, then again, Divas and angels are related to sound and music. And if you think about it, NIKE is the name of a goddess, so maybe it all ties together.”

It's on display at Colette in celebration of the Nike Be True series.

Pics: We are Paris blog on Honeyee.
Info: SHOWstudio.