Saturday, February 16, 2008

Be True @ Sole What

The Be True campaign have just begun in Malaysia exclusively at Sole What? from 15th February till 29th February and here's a little pictorial on what actually happened behind the scenes...

Much preparation needed and that means burning the midnite oil..

Much love and effort have been put into the campaign in making sure it will be a hit!

2 nites of working till the wee hours taking a toll on Nelson :)

Projector installation

Sound system installation

Lighting installation

Sound and light check at 2.30am.........Fun!!

Fresh and ready crew at the day of the event!!

Edwin n Dave muckin' around striking Street Fighter poses before the event!

Mr & Mrs White going thru the store before the event...

Dave posin' cheerfully like a tit for the camera :P

The guests havin' a great time designing their own dunks

The posse from Singapore....wooot!

Pick me! Pick me! Haha cheers Stephanie (Compass Comm)

The guys that pulls the strings from behind. Thanks for making all of this happen

The mob. No stupid lines, just a great bunch of people havin' fun

The highlight of the install by Dave White

It's been a great event for all of us. Props to those that came out and made it!!!

Cheers to those who did their part for charity by purchasing the special Nike x Dave White x Sole What tees. The kicks were great and for those who copped a pair....rock 'em with pride yeah!!!