Saturday, November 17, 2007

The REAL American Gangster

Many may have enjoyed the movie "American Gangster", some may have enjoyed it others complained that it did not live up to it's hype. Whatever the point, it's certainly a great story. For the OG text on Frank Lucas a.k.a Superfly , check out the text interview on New York Mag that kick-started the flick:

Frank Lucas, once the city’s biggest, baddest heroin kingpin, the original O.G. in chinchilla, now seems like just a very likable guy. But don’t be fooled.
By Mark Jacobson, Published Aug 7, 2000

During the early seventies, when for a sable-coat-wearing, Superfly-strutting instant of urban time he was perhaps the biggest heroin dealer in Harlem, Frank Lucas would sit at the corner of 116th Street and Eighth Avenue in a beat-up Chevrolet he called Nellybelle. Then living in a suite at the Regency Hotel with 100 custom-made, multi-hued suits in the closet, Lucas owned several cars. He had a Rolls, a Mercedes, a Corvette Sting Ray, and a 427 muscle job he’d once topped out at 160 mph near Exit 16E of the Jersey Turnpike, scaring himself so silly that he.....(click HERE to continue)