Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nike can't make apparel?

Contrary to common belief that Nike can't make apparel that is appealing enough for streetwear peeps....well, i beg to differ. This mega sportswear giant has taken careful steps and measures to ensure that peeps of all levels will get satisfaction from putting on a Nike sweater, jacket or tee....

Here's just 2 snapshots of the design elements that have been carefully implemented into the Nike Tech Pack.

The hoody features cotton jersey face bonded to a thermal windproof fleeceback providing warmth, comfort and wind protection. Laser cut and bonded reinforcements underarm adds to durability.

Check out the purple pinstrip and the zip construction. Execution 10/10

Nike Pocket Tee - Constructed with the combination of cotton x Nike poly dri-fit material. The laser cut pocket and bonded with laser cut film reinforcements adds durability. Execution 9.5/10

For more on the TECH pack or other new cool apparel do check out NIKE.

All pics from Nike Inc.