Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cute rabbit?

One quick look and you would easily think that the Nabaztag bunny as another cute ornament or paper weight or just another cute japanese toy. That's exactly what I thought at first....however, after dwelling further n noticing the word "WiFi" ...it got me gobsmacked!

It happens to be a freakin' cutting-edge-piece of technology! Guess cute n smart can get along after all...

"Before you know it you'll be relying on the Nabaztag to tell you the time, wake you up, read the news and give you weather forecasts. " - News of the World The Nabaztag connects to your WiFi router, and reads you all the latest information, from it's mood, to the weather forecast, stock market, email alerts and even your favorite RSS feeds!"

Check out HERE for more info.