Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CLOT : From Dusk Till Dawn (cont'd)

Overexposure Tee

PBear Tee

The latest addition to the "From Dusk till Dawn" collection have arrived.

The latest collection have seen a great improvement in quality.

"Over the past five years, CLOT has been striving for good quality. In the beginning we were still figuring out the process of making clothes, but throughout the years we have started picking up more knowledge about fit, fabrication, and materials process - also known as production. having such diverse backgrounds we find ourselves immersed in a city full of products, as this fall winter season slowly starts to roll out, pieces of good quality products start being available to purchase."
Kevin Poon

The tees have been subjected to pre-wash testing to make sure there are no excessive shrinkage and color fading during the pre-production & also post production stages.

Available now @ Juice KL.