Thursday, May 21, 2009

SneakersBR x Nike Air Max 1 "Lancerio"

The special kicks celebrate the Brazilian sneaker website, SneakersBR’s 2nd Anniversary since it was transformed into a full fledged website by founder Ricardo Nunes. Entitled the Lanceiro, this limited edition AM1 celebrates the culture of Pernambuco (the home state of SneakersBR) and the Manguebeat musical movement. Features include a blue leather upper symbolizing the flag of Pernambuco, a yellow air capsule symbolizing the sun, and speckled midsole which is a reminder of the mud and mangroves of the swamps, vital icons of the state’s culture that “baptized” the Manguebeat movement. Capping off the design is a heel tab featuring the emblematic phrase of Chico Science “Um Passo à Frente e Você Já Não Está Mais No Mesmo Lugar” (One step ahead and you’re no longer in the same place).

This special Quickstrike will be available this Saturday at Sole What stores!!!