Sunday, April 19, 2009

Air Yeezy : The Event

The 18th of April 2009 marked the day that Malaysia finally launched the Air Yeezy at Sole What? The turnout was tremendous and it really put to show that sneaker collectors truly know a great shoe. Everyone of you made this event that much more special!!!

Jules of Streething in his famous posture

Media was focused on capturing a moment with the shoe

Peeps from far far away...

Goh & his princess

Raymond of Nike Malaysia mobbed by the media

Mr Cupcakes

Amanda "Y"

The Juicy crew

Joe Flizzow

The Media Co.

Raymond got the ballot process rollin'

Some of the lucky peeps that managed to cop the pair!

A very big thank you to all that made a presence at the launch. Not all of you left with a pair but we hope you had a great time anyway. Never let this passion for sneakers fade!!!

"You will succeed if your customers want you to.
You will fail only if your customers allow you to."

Thank you!!

Special thanks to NIKE MALAYSIA for adding the extra pizazz to the launch event.

Kudos to all the people behind the scenes that made this launch event possible.