Friday, March 14, 2008


An eyewear company that hails from Japan called Eyeplus is not as well known as most mainstream companies. What's unique about their eyewears are that they are not as common as most; the most important aspect however, is their quality of work that would put most frames to shame (tsk tsk).

This Mokucho-Roman frames especially is constructed and engineered entirely from wood; the material is not as easily sculptured like plastic, yet they have managed to somehow construct frames that not only sits perfectly but looks fantastic as well. I can only imagine when the mainstream find out about them, prices would definitely skyrocket to the moon!

Marvel at the unique construction with wood!

The main components of the frame are numbered.

The annual output of the frames are hardly a handful as compared to other companies thus ensuring exclusivity for the wearer.

Please do not rush to the store as we are not retailing the frames nor do we have any business relationship with the company. It's a great product that I would like to share with all of you & if u ask nicely I may even lead u to the right place to pick one up.