Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Streething Swap & Gawp

It's been such a long while since I blogged. With a recent trip to NYC and loads of follow ups to complete, the schedule is what u may say hectic....or it's becoz of my utter useless time management skills.

Anyhow, the bloggin's back and this time we are looking at the biggest sneaker/streetwear event by fellow Streething x Sole Obsession from Sin City.

Venue was at Zouk Main Room, KL n the peeps can't wait to burst in the front door!

Rare kicks were on display, just check out the AJs on the top row!!!

Some rare NBs and oso the Dave White Air Max packs hounded by the Huaraches!

Group Pic!!!

Had a good chat with Mr Gaz

Lucky Draw time!!!..........

Just one of the many pics of the post party celebrations!! Ha Ha Ha